You Can Not Move In With Ariel Pink… (myspace interview)


If you had responded to the bulletin he posted on Myspace a couple of nights ago entitled, “Room for rent at my place,” perhaps you may have had a chance. At that time, I wrote to Ariel on behalf of all those who might have been interested, asking if I could interview him about the room. I figured I would post his responses here, where his prospective future roommates could evaluate his answers and decide weather or not they would really want to live with him. He agreed, but indicated he would half to keep it brief because he was “kinda swamped” at the moment. Alas, in the interim in between when I sent him the questions, and when he sent back his answers, somebody took the room. Kindly enough, he still played along, and I managed to get a few more general questions by him. What follows, in descending order, is the text of his original post, and then the q & a.

Room for rent at my place

—————– Bulletin Message —————–
From: Ariel Pink
Date: Jan 6 2007 9:22 PM

This is an unexpected vacancy so we’re hoping to get someone in as soon as possible. The rent is $600. It’s a decent size room. 12 by 12, big closet. three bedroom house in Echo Park. Hardwood floors (carpet in rooms)/ yard/ private parking.
We’re all pretty mellow, not uptight. The only requirement for the person who moves in is that you MUST HAVE A JOB!!! (or rich parents or a trust or some kind of steady income). oh yeah and no couch surfing friends who stop by on a friday night and stay for a month cuz their ride keeps on flaking and nobody understands them and the world hates them.
We are all musicians and sometimes we make noise but it’s not crazy loud. we also respect eachother’s need for silence. we do smoke inside. pets are cool. no cats.
to move in, we’ll need first and last months rent and we’ll pro-rate it to whatever date you move in. If anyone is interested, you can write me back on myspace and send me your contact info as soon as possible and i’ll get back to you. or, if you know anyone who needs to move, forward this message.

Ariel Pink

Jan 8 2007 7:51 PM

AP = Ariel Pink, RR = Roy Rosenthal


RR: Does the room have any windows? How many and how big?

AP: which one? it’s got twelve windows, each like this big.

RR: Are utilities included? If not, then how much more additionally a month are we talking about? Do you guys have cable tv? What’s the internet situation?

AP: utilities aren’t included in the rent figure. cable, internet? – HA! you’re dreaming. i got a powerbook biatch! i don’t know, maybe $100 for utilities. in my case, i pay more in utilities than the average person due to the fact that i blow dry and quaf my afro for 60 minutes every morning.

RR: What’s the male to female ratio of the house? Would you prefer to live with another man or another woman?

AP: in a word: “jack tripper”

RR: What’s the house age range?

AP: no age limit in general but you must be under 5 feet tall to be eligible for the room. but it’s been rented out already so forget it.

RR: How long have you lived there? Are you happy with the place?

AP: since july. it’s lovely. the fung chui is sensational.

RR: Any trouble with the landlord? Is he easy going, kind of jerky, or what?

AP: he’s a convicted rapist so we’ve got tons of leverage.

RR: Why no cats? Do you dislike them? Are you more of a dog person?

AP: no no i love cats and dogs as well. it’s the PEOPLE i can’t stand, THEY’RE the ones who pamper and feed the dogs and cats, it’s not the pets fault…

RR: You wrote in your post that you guys smoke inside. Any chance a new roommate might ‘get high in the morning’ with you?

AP: do you mean Wake n’ Bake?

RR: Have you ever recorded stuff for commercial release in this particular home?

AP: i sold my soul here

RR: Is there a practice space or do you just play in your rooms?

AP: i don’t have a room. i play in yours. and everyone else’s. you’d love it here.

RR: What’s new with you music, artwork and label-wise? You playing in New York anytime soon?

AP: big fat question mark in that department. nothing too soon

RR: What’s your favorite… R. Stevie Moore Song?

AP: so hard to say – maybe Father Goes

RR: …Animal Collective Song?

AP: Leaf House definitely

RR: …Ariel Pink Song?

AP: maybe For Kate I Wait

RR: Did you guys throw your roommate out or did he or she leave of their own accord?

AP: That’s none of your business

RR: Thank you.

AP: yer very welcom roy
as you were…

House Arrest (Haunted Graffiti 5)

Listen to ‘Helen’ off of “House Arrest (Haunted Graffiti 5)” in Real Audio from the WFMU Archives (comes on after about twenty seconds of something else.) Buy the album from Paw Tracks.

A bunch more Ariel Pink on WFMU can be found here, and here.


Beverly Kills:


Bloody! (Bagonia’s):

Somewhere In Europe/Hotpink:

Ariel Pink Site “First Designed By R.Stevie Moore”
A Much Better Ariel Pink Interview
Label Run By Pink & Others
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Photos courtesy of Ariel Pink


6 responses to “You Can Not Move In With Ariel Pink… (myspace interview)

  1. what’s for lunch?

  2. daisy slinger

    is that you Smut? man you are quick!

  3. hello,

    this is tom’s friend. what an interesting interview. thank you for telling me about it.

    maybe i’ll see you at the cake shop sometime!


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  5. I was supposed to be Ariel’s roommate but i am six foot six. damn

  6. cheerup

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